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Cleveland's Muslim Community: History and Challenges

Ramez Islambouli - Lecturer of Arabic and Islam; Adjunct Professor of Islamic Law; and Vice President, Uqbah Mosque Foundation
Friday November 3, 2017
12:30-1:30 p.m.
Dampeer Room
Kelvin Smith Library
Case Western Reserve University

Dear Colleagues:

Cleveland’s first mosque was established in 1937 by Al Hajj Imam Wali Akram, an African American. That should remind us that generalizations about "Islam in America" based on current political controversies are highly likely to confuse images with realities.

Most adult Muslims in the U.S. are immigrants, but they may come from very different countries; and they range from refugees fleeing for their lives to physicians recruited for their skills. Yet there are commonalities as well, especially the challenges of living within a minority religious tradition that is distrusted by many Americans; for all immigrants the challenge of adapting old ways (religious or not) to a new country; how to build good lives for their children – some of whom become students at CWRU; and sometimes dealing with the politics and administration of the "war on terror."

Many studies focus on variables that might be relevant to that "war": public opinion among Muslims (how much support for extremists?) or trends in Islamic institutions (how much do Saudi fundamentalists influence religious education and practice? Is an "American Islam" developing?) or markers of assimilation (though into what?) Yet it may be too easy to lose sight of real people and communities. So we welcome Ramez Islambouli to share his perspectives on Muslim life and challenges in the Cleveland community in which he has lived since coming to CWRU as a student in 1985. What are the concerns, the divisions, the trends, the future?

All best regards,
Joe White
Luxenberg Family Professor of Public Policy and Director, Center for Policy Studies

About Our Guest

Ramez Islambouli a native of Lebanon moved to the United States in 1985 to pursue his academic studies. He holds an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering and a graduate degree in bioethics, both from Case Western Reserve University. He is an adjunct professor of Islamic law at the school of law at Case, a part-time lecturer of Islam in the Department of Religious Studies and a full-time lecturer and section head of Arabic language in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature and is the faculty advisor for the Muslim Students Association (MSA).

He serves as Vice President of the Uqbah Mosque Foundation (the mosque on Stokes Boulevard) and as a Muslim chaplain for University Hospitals of Cleveland, and also teaches Islamic Studies at Cleveland State and John Carroll universities

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