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Dear Colleagues:

I write to thank all of the participants in the Spring, 2017 sessions of the Friday Public Affairs Lunch Discussions. That includes especially our excellent (if I say so myself) speakers, culminating with Professor McMann's extremely clear and well-attended discussion of Putin's Russia on April 28. It also includes both our regular and occasional participants; Anastazia Vanisko who helped so ably with getting the room in shape each day; the generous donors who supplemented the funding for beverages and treats that is provided by the College of Arts and Sciences (thank you, thank you!); Sydelle Zinn for helping me a lot with the home-baked goodies; Dr. Arnold Hirshorn and the Kelvin Smith Library staff for letting us use the lovely Dampeer Room; and of course Dr. Andrew Lucker, who does all of our computer work and advises me on programming as well.

We will resume again on Friday, September 1. I have some ideas for speakers but will greatly appreciate your suggestions! Please just send them directly to me: I imagine the current governing coalition in the United States will continue to provide lots of topics, but there will be others generated from campus, our local community, and around the globe.

Unfortunately, we are not able to record the Friday discussions for those who cannot attend. But we usually manage to record the special programs sponsored by the Center for Policy Studies. If anyone is interested, last week's talk about The French Elections by Professor Vincent Michelot is now online at (see: I felt like I learned a lot, so it's worth a look.

Thank you again for your participation and interest, and see you in a few months!

All best regards,
Joe White
Luxenberg Family Professor of Public Policy and Director, Center for Policy Studies

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