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2015 Programming Archive

Spring Semester 2015

January 16, 2015Being an Employee in an Information Economy – The Expanding Role of Non-Competition and Related Agreements
January 23, 2015The Attack on Social Security Disability Insurance (?)
February 6, 2015What I Learned About American Electoral Politics: Memoirs (in brief) of a 2014 Congressional Candidate
February 13, 2015The Invisible Primary or, the 2016 Presidential Race, So Far
February 20, 2015The Warren Commission and the Academy: Exploring Truth in a Political World
February 27, 2015When the Police Use Deadly Force
March 6, 2015What Explains the Price of Gasoline?
March 20, 2015The Israeli Election
March 27, 2015Talking Turkey: Some Personal (and Historical) Perspectives on Turkish Politics and Society
April 3, 2015Origins and Prospects of the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
April 10, 2015THE “DOC FIX”: Bipartisan Policy on Medicare!?
April 17, 2015Is It Time For A New U.S. “Grand Strategy?
April 24, 2015 Avoiding Vaccinations: Reasons and Consequences

Fall Semester 2015

August 28, 2015Israel and the Muddle East Update
September 4, 2015The Supreme Court: Looking Back & Looking Ahead
September 11, 2015The United States Since 9/11
September 18, 2015The New Wave of Abortion Restrictions
September 25, 2015What’s Happening in Lake Erie?
October 2, 2015Moving Towards Health Care Justice: Navigating the ACA and Beyond
October 9, 2015China’s Aging Population: Policy Decisions and Program Challenges
October 16, 2015The Issues About Issue 3, The Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative
October 23, 2015Energy, Climate, and the Historian’s View of the Future
October 30, 2015From “9 to 5” to What? New Work Patterns and Their Implications
November 6, 2015A Year Away from the 2016 Election….
November 13, 2015Why Virtual Schools Are Growing So Fast, and What it Might Mean for the Future of Public Education
November 20, 2015Integrating the Inner City
December 4, 2015Making Clean Energy Work