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2012 Programming Archive

Spring Semester 2012

January 20, 2012Hype, Hope, and Health Policy
January 27, 2012The December Dilemma: Non-Christians and the Culture of Christmas
February 10, 2012Can We Legislate Ourselves Thinner?
February 17, 2012  Is Childhood Obesity a New Form of Child Abuse?
February 24, 2012Telling the Players Without a Scorecard: China’s Leadership Transition
March 2, 2012Does the Fire Department Have a Hose? The IMF and World Bank in the Financial Crisis
March 9, 2012Germany and the European Union. Ken Ledford, Associate Professor of History
March 23, 2012Environmental Dimensions of Fracking
March 30, 2012 Just Do It or Just Say No? The Politics of Sex Education
April 6, 2012Election 2012: Twenty Years After the “Year of the Woman”
April 13, 2012Russia’s Presidential Election
April 20, 2012SARKOBAMA: Two Presidential Elections in a Time of Crisis
April 27, 2012What Happens When a President Thinks Like a Community Organizer

Fall Semester 2012

August 31, 2012Supreme Court Forecast (and Review)
September 7, 2012Cleveland’s Downtown Rebound?
September 14, 2012High Cost-Sharing for Prescription Drugs: Patient Response, Physician Response, and Public Policy
September 21, 2012The Future of University Libraries
September 28, 2012The European Economy and EU Politics
October 5, 2012Presidents and the Media
October 12, 2012The Future of Primary Care
October 19, 2012Biblical Rhetoric in the 2012 Elections
October 26, 2012Insecure Majorities: Congress and the Permanent Campaign
November 2, 2012Political Science Department Pre-Election Forecasts
November 9, 2012What Just Happened? Open Discussion About the 2012 Election Results
November 16, 2012Thinking About the Intelligence Community
November 30, 2012The Medium is the Message: What Happens When Universities Digitize Course Evaluations
December 7, 2012The “Chicago Boys” Without Pinochet: Privatization and Protest in Chile