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2008 Programming Archive

Spring Semester 2008

January 18, 2008How to End a War
January 25, 2008Can It Get More Fun Then This? The Presidential Nomination Races
February 8, 2008Can Cleveland Be a High Tech Leader?
February 15, 2008Labor Agreements in the Auto Industry and Elsewhere
February 22, 2008Lost Crops of Africa – Involving Undergraduates in There Rediscovery
February 29, 2008The Real Estate Meltdown
March 7, 2008The Myth of Alzheimer’s
March 21, 2008Peak Oil
March 28, 2008How American is Globalization?
April 4, 2008The Psychosocial and Sociocultural Dimensions of Prescribing Psychiatric Medication to Adolescents
April 11, 2008Energy and Alternative Energy Policy in Ohio
April 18, 2008Moral Dilemmas in Politics and Fiction
April 25, 2008Authoritarian Politics and Tribal Politics in the Middle East: The Jordanian Case

Fall Semester 2008

August 29, 2008Recent and Future Supreme Court Decisions
September 5, 2008Current Prospects for Nuclear Power
September 12, 2008Heroes and Politicians
September 19, 2008Evolution and Politics
September 26, 2008Ethical Responses to Terrorism
October 3, 2008Health Policy in the 2008 Election
October 10, 2008Presidential Ecotheologies
October 17, 2008 Murder Genes and Dangerous Minds: New Roles for Genetics and Neuroscience in the Courts?
October 24, 2008Seniors in the 2008 Elections
October 31, 20082008 Election Preview
November 7, 2008Responding to the Foreclosure Crisis
November 14, 2008Should We Bailout the Auto Industry?
November 21, 2008The IRA and the U.S. Government
December 5, 2008Prospects for the Obama Administration