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2007 Programming Archive

Spring Semester 2007

January 19, 2007The Role of Women in the 2006 Election
January 26, 2007Wind Power and All of It’s Aspects – Environmental, Energy,  Economic, Aesthetic, and Maybe More/span>
February 9, 2007What to Do in Iraq?
February 16, 2007Seeds of Democracy in China? Developments in Local Government
February 23, 2007Why China is Winning
March 2, 2007 Strategies for American Workers Within the Current Global Competition
March 9, 2007New Economic Prospects in Cleveland
March 23, 2007The Evaluation of Sexual Predators for the Courts-Are They Really Dangerous, and Can We Predict If They Will Reoffend?
March 30, 2007The Up and the Downside of Running for Congress
April 6, 2007Stem Cell Research: Science Ethics and Prospects
April 13, 2007Drugs, War, and Coffee in Columbia
April 20, 2007 Mixed Income Development as an Approach to Addressing Urban Policy
April 27, 2007The French Elections

Fall Semester 2007

August 31, 2007 America’s Poor Performance on Infant Health: Is the Health Care System to Blame?
September 7, 2007Finding a Cure: The Case for Regulation and Oversight of Electronic Health Record Systems
September 14, 2007The Euclid Corridor Project
September 21, 2007 Muslim Public Opinion and the War on Terror
September 28, 2007 The Most Recent Term of the Supreme Court
October 5, 2007Women in Corporate Leadership
October 12, 2007 Clean, lean and green? The Great Lakes Institute for Energy Innovation: Future Energy Research at Case Western Reserve University
October 19, 2007The Prevalence of Peanut Allergies
October 26, 2007The Domestic Politics of Darfur
November 2, 2007European Terrorism Past and Present
November 9, 2007Can the Machines Work, Securely? Will the Poll-Workers Know How to Operate Them? Will New Rules About Identification Deprive People of Their Right to Vote?: A Post Election Report
November 16, 2007Journalistic Ethics
November 30, 2007The Safety of the Blood Supply
December 7, 2007The DARPA Urban Challenge and the Future of Robot Cars