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Public Affairs Discussion Group

"Midterm Election Forecast"

November 3, 2006
Guilford House, Guest Lounge

12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.


Justin Buchler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Case Western Reserve University

Andrew Lucker, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science at Case Western Reserve University


Dear Colleagues:

As the clock winds down to November 7, it is time for the biennial Political Science Department attempt to forecast the results at the Friday Lunch. This year, we will hear from Assistant Professor of Political Science Justin Buchler and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science Andrew Lucker on Friday, November 3. Each has been following the polls and tea leaves very carefully, looking at battlegrounds across the country.

Justin Buchler received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, writing his dissertation on the financing of congressional elections. He has published and is doing research on topics such as voting machines and redistricting as well as campaign finance. Andrew Lucker received his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University, operates the Northeast Ohio Political Science Network, and brings particular expertise on Ohio politics, as well as a political junkie’s omnivorous appetite for information, to the table. In other words, they both know a heck of a lot more about this stuff than I do!

As usual, the Friday lunch will meet on the first floor of Guilford House, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Cookies are provided by generous individuals and beverages (hot coffee and tea, some bottled drinks) by the Office of University Communication.

All the best,
Joe White

More About Our Guest

Justin Buchler received his Ph.D., form the University of California at Berkeley ,in 2004, his M.A. from University of California at Berkeley in 1999 and his B.A. from Pomona College, 1998.  Professor Buchler's dissertation focused on the role of Leadership Political Action Committees in Congressional campaigns and he has published articles on new voting technologies. Professor Buchler has also published on the topic of congressional redistricting.  He teaches courses on research methods, political strategy, Congress, and parties and elections. Professor Buchler's research interests include congress, congressional redistricting, research methods, political strategy, parties and elections.

Andrew Lucker received his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in 1998, his M.A. from Case Western Reserve University in 1993 and his bachelors degree form Ohio University Ohio University in 1989.  His first book, V. O. Key Jr., The Quintessential Political Scientist (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2001) focused on an extensive examination of the work and life of one of the most important American political scientists of the twentieth century, V. O. Key, Jr. (1908-1963).  The research is based on Key's voluminous personal papers, interviews with his family, colleagues, and graduate students, plus thorough study of all of his published and unpublished writings, much of which is not readily accessible today.  Dr. Lucker is an active participant in the American Political Science Association, the Southern Political Science Association, and the Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists.  His research interests include American government, state politics and government, the presidency, dynamics of the party system, the history of political science as a discipline.

Fall Semester Schedule

Sept 1: Ken Ledford, Associate Professor of History and Law, hosts Jon Entin, Professor of Law and Political Science, to discuss the first year of the Supreme Court with John Roberts as Chief Justice.

Sept 8: Leonard Lynn, Professor and Chair of the Department of Policy and Management at the Weatherhead School of Management, on what U.S. leadership in engineering could mean with the rise of India and China.

Sept 15: Mark Naymik, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, on this year’s statewide elections in Ohio.

Sept 22: Greg Eastwood, Interim President of Case Western Reserve University, on “The Interim Period: Tasks for Today and Ideas for the Future.”

Sept 29: Alan Weinstein, Professor and Director, Law and Public Policy Program, Cleveland-Marshall College of the Law, "Eminent domain: State Legislative Responses to Kelo vs. New London: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

Oct 6: Amy Hanauer, Executive Director, PolicyMatters Ohio, on raising the minimum wage

Oct 13: Marty Kress, Executive Director of the National Space Science and Technology Center, University of Alabama at Huntsville, on Organizing NASA for Space Exploration. NOTE: Tentative room change to Mather House 100.

Oct 20: Michael Wager, Vice Chair and Chair Elect of the Port Authority, on its role in local economic development issues.

Oct 27: Pete Moore, Assistant Professor of Political Science, on whatever is happening in the Middle East at the time.

Nov 3: Justin Buchler, Assistant Professor of Political Science, and Andrew Lucker, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science: Midterm Election forecast.

Nov 10: Eric J. Topol MD, Professor of Genetics, on concerns about conflicts of interest in medical research.

Nov 17: Norman Robbins, Emeritus Professor of Neurosciences, on class bias in who gets to vote.


Dec 1: Jerome Liebman MD, Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, on National Health Insurance

Dec 8: Terry Wolpaw MD, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs, School of Medicine, on the new demands on or expectations of medical education. 

January 19, 2007: Karen Beckwith Ph.D., Flora Stone Mather Professor of Political Science.  Where Was Gender in the 2006 Congressional Elections?

Parking: For those people who seek to make special arrangements about parking, the contact person now will be Fay Alexander.  Her phone number is 368-4440, and her e-mail is

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